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Debunking The Myths Surrounding The AirBnB Referral Credit

3rt45y67665Airbnb, a hospitality online based marketplace has enabled countless people to realize their dream vacation ambitions as well as providing income to millions with properties. One significant and noteworthy point is that both the hosts and the guests above couldn’t have achieved their dreams had it not been for Airbnb. In other words, Airbnb connects guests, visitors or travelers to potential hosts who are willing to rent or lease short-term lodgings including apartment rentals, vacation rentals, Homestays, hotel rooms and hostel beds.

The company doesn’t own any lodging. It’s merely a broker and receives just commissions from both the guests and the hosts with regards to the bookings. The company has a global appeal with over 3,000,000 lodging spread across 65,000 cities in 191 countries. However, it hasn’t been a smooth sailing for Airbnb. The company has overcome countless obstacles to gain respect, recommendation, and global recognition. To clarify some of its terminologies, the company wishes to shed light on AirBnB referral credit.

Airbnb referrals credit definition

Inviting friends, family, or just any other person to Airbnb can earn you together with the people you invite an amazing travel credit. It’s a very straightforward thing. Anyone visiting the invitation page and sends the link to a friend earns credit. Immediately the recipient clicks the link; he also receives credit that automatically apply towards his first reservation with Airbnb. Immediately the recipient completes his first qualifying reservation; he earns travel credit.

Credit referrals are for future reservations

When you or the person you refer to the site earns credit referrals, the credit earned can’t be used immediately. In fact, you must wait for your reference to remit the first payment to enable your credit referral to be activated. Likewise, the person you refer cannot enjoy the credit referrals earned unless she books a second trip.

Double point earnings

Every person you refer to the site gets an opportunity for double point earning opportunities. The first points are earned when the person you refer completes a qualifying reservation as a guest. The second opportunity to earn points os when the same person completes a qualifying reservation as a host. It’s possible to earn up to USD 5,000 in travel credit.

Qualifying reservation

Not any amount qualifies for a reservation. A qualifying reservation has a minimum total value of USD 75 USD. This is strictly excluding taxes, and guest fees. However, these amounts vary during promotional periods.3rt45y67yutyrt

AirBnB referral credit expiry

Travel credits strictly don’t apply to trips that have already been paid for. However, the same will be available and can be applied to the next qualifying reservation. Unfortunately, unknown to many people is the fact that most referral credits do expire. Credit referrals are only valid for a year. They expiry date os exactly one year from the date of issue and can only be used once in the year. Additionally, referral credit isn’t reusable once the reservation where the credits were applied have been canceled. Thus, to enjoy your referral credits, ensure that you use them within a year and also don’t cancel a reservation once booking is done.

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Choosing a company to remodel your home


When it comes to remodeling your home, you have so many options and ways you can go about getting it done. When you have made up your mind on wanting to remodel your home, the next step is finding a company or companies that can get you all your supplies. It is always better to find one company that can get you all your supplies and do the work for you.

In this article, we will go over what can do for you.


They have a lot of different styles of flooring. You can go with a hardwood floor, or you can lay down a floating floor. You can even go with a tile; the choice is yours. You can also go with a beautiful carpet.


2Having new lights installed will make your home look great. They have single lights or ceiling fans with lights. If you want to install wall lights, they have that as well. If your home is two stories high, you can go with Chandelier lights that will give it a great look. Another place that you can add lighting is on the outside of the home, like the garage or driveway.


Adding new cabinets to your kitchen will definitely bring that new look to your home. They have oak or red wood cabinets with beautiful handles. Handles and hinges make your cabinets look outstanding.


Putting in counter tops is very exciting because this will make your kitchen look bigger and brighter. Most people are going with a granite counter tops or marble. When you go with either one, they will last the life of the home and will add a lot of value to the home.


In most cases, people are taking everything out of their bathroom and rebuilding them. Your bathroom gets the most damage out of any other part of your home, because of the water. They will come in and put new walls in; that will not let the water go through. Now that the new wall is set in, you can start adding things like a new tub or stand up shower. Put in new sinks with lighting. When it comes to your bathroom, the list is endless on what they can do for you.



After they have done all the work, they will guarantee their work and the supplies that they provided for the remodeling of your home.

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Keys Factors On Hiring A Medical Consultant


It’s safe to assume that we are all aware of the importance of the life science industry in our daily lives and it goes without saying that we can’t live our lives to the fullest without the existence of the people who dedicated their lives to this industry. On the lighter note, we must be grateful for the advancements in technology in this field. Aside from the innovations and inventions in this field, medical and pharmaceutical companies also acquire the services of consultancy firms help them better run the business while gaining important and valuable insights and ideas.


Another thing that we should be grateful for is the fact that there’s a lot of consultancy firms that can produce world class consultants. Also, companies such as LifeSci Advisors offers a wide array of services and are always ready to share their knowledge and expertise. In this article, we will reveal some factors that companies must take into consideration when hiring a consultant.


Always ensure that the consultant has the proper set of skills. An ideal medical consultant must show expertise in the medical field. Also, they must be a confident communicator with exceptional convincing skills. Plus, they must have a pleasing personality.

It’s worth noting as well that consultants that have previous job experiences in the field of life science such as medical representatives, pharmacists, and nurses are more likely to have more knowledge and insights in the medical industry.

Track Record

It is critical to check the past achievements and accomplishments of the consultant that you are planning to hire to ensure that the person can get the job done. Thus, you must always put an emphasis on this factor.

asdsadWhen checking for the track record, it’s ideal to ask for documentations and references to verify the credibility and certainty of the applicant. Always bear in mind that the consultant must provide substantial documents with a comprehensive list of what they have achieved and accomplished in the past. Also, see to it that the previous achievements and accomplishments are relevant to the job role that they are applying. Plus, you can call the past clients to gather more information and to ask for recommendations.

Availability & Accessibility

Well, we know that the primary role of a consultant is to guide the company in particular tasks and objectives to ensure that the company reaches its full potential. So, hiring a consultant that is merely available defeats the purpose of hiring one. Thus, always ensure that the person that you are going to hire is committed and always available.

Also, always ascertain that the consultant is always accessible in terms of the geographical location.

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Why Blue Coat Is The Best Online Data security solution


Are you an organization that deals with lots of online transactions and systems? You well understand that numerous online threats can face your data. True? Therefore, your company needs not only the best cyber security systems but also a reliable company to manage your online networks. Now, allow me to introduce you to Blue Coat Systems, a data management and cyber security provision solution owned by Symantec. reported that Blue Coat is one of the best in online data protection for any organization. Below, we are going to tell you why this is the best for your online activity solutions not only to run smoothly but safely.

Why Blue Coat is the best online security and network management solution

State of the art technology

fdgdfgfdgdfgfdgThe state of the art technology embraced by the company explains it all. Simply, not many can match or beat them in this field of network management and data protections. According to research their products have ranked to and passed numerous lab tests thus making them scoop many awards of success. The company keeps on advancing in technology day after the other in an attempt to provide the best services to their clients.

Experienced staff

The company is comprised of the enthusiastic team whose dream is to advance. They work day and night to ensure their customers are not exposed to any online threat. They also ensure that their clients can work anytime anywhere through a dedicated support team. For them, every client challenge is an opportunity to prove how best they are. For this reason, you should try then in your business.

Their client base tell it all

If you are keen to check their customer list on their website, then you will realize that this is trusted security system. They have clients ranging from governments projects, public sector and the private sector alike. A company that is trusted this much must be a provider of credible results, especially on internet security issues.

Their product is interesting

Whether you are looking for a secure management of traffic data, increasing cloud security or encrypting your data transmissions online, you can count on Blue Coat to offer you the best. They have various packages to suit different clients, and more so, they are flexible to customize a product to your needs.


Well, when looking for data security or online management systems, use Blue Coat systems for the best results. They have not disappointed any of their clients, and you will not be the first.

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Kitchen Appliances – A True Investment In Culinary Art

Even in the kitchen, technology is at it again. It is taking the world by storm with all the modern kitchen appliances that make cooking a delight, and life so much easier. These appliances are not just ordinary inventions; there’s more to it than that. So many factors were put into consideration before and during their manufacture. When you take your time to study these appliances, you notice that this is 100% science. Above House website will provide more details about them. From the materials used, you can clearly tell that it’s not just about the decoration or reasons to do with elegance and style, but for scientific reasons such as conduction and absorption of heat.

Top Five Kitchen Appliances To Have


fgdgfdgfdgfdgfdgfdgThis common kitchen appliance is no longer a luxury in any household. Globally, most people have embraced this timely invention with both hands and have come to realize that it is not just for decorating your kitchen. During tough economic times such as these, we need to conserve the food that finds its way into our kitchens. What better way than to preserve leftover meals in the refrigerator for the next meal’s consumption?

Microwave ovens

The most attractive feature about microwave ovens is that they are fast. Their speed lessens the load when cooking especially after a long, hard day and all you have to do is to reheat your food, eat and then loosen up and put your feet up. They are also used in thawing frozen meat and fish, and also in popping corn. How resourcefully versatile can they get?

Love the smell of toast in the morning? The toaster takes all the credit for making mornings so much easier and getting rid of that dreaded feeling of getting up when you hear the alarm.


fghfghfghgfhgfhYou cannot deny the ingenuity displayed in the design and invention of this appliance. When you feel like having the juice version of fruits or vegetables, don’t stress, just wash them thoroughly, chop them up into sizes that can actually fit inside the blender and the push some buttons and wait. Voila! Your drink is ready.

Doing the dishes is no longer an uphill task if it is your turn to do so. All you have to do is load the dirty dishes into it and give room for it to do what it does best.

What To Consider When Buying Kitchen Appliances

When looking at a brochure for kitchen appliances, you subconsciously look for the price of the item before you can even look at the features. Affordability matters. Not all appliances are wired in the same way; you will not find the same features on every appliance you intend to buy. The brand name matters a great deal. Buy from manufacturers that have been in the industry long enough to know what your kitchen needs.

When it comes to kitchen appliances, online shopping is strongly advised due to its expansive details on the features to expect, the price and the brand of the appliance. Besides, online shopping will save you the hustle of going all the way to your local store and buying then delivering it home for yourself. When you buy online, most sites offer free delivery services for their customers.

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