Debunking The Myths Surrounding The AirBnB Referral Credit

3rt45y67665Airbnb, a hospitality online based marketplace has enabled countless people to realize their dream vacation ambitions as well as providing income to millions with properties. One significant and noteworthy point is that both the hosts and the guests above couldn’t have achieved their dreams had it not been for Airbnb. In other words, Airbnb connects guests, visitors or travelers to potential hosts who are willing to rent or lease short-term lodgings including apartment rentals, vacation rentals, Homestays, hotel rooms and hostel beds.

The company doesn’t own any lodging. It’s merely a broker and receives just commissions from both the guests and the hosts with regards to the bookings. The company has a global appeal with over 3,000,000 lodging spread across 65,000 cities in 191 countries. However, it hasn’t been a smooth sailing for Airbnb. The company has overcome countless obstacles to gain respect, recommendation, and global recognition. To clarify some of its terminologies, the company wishes to shed light on AirBnB referral credit.

Airbnb referrals credit definition

Inviting friends, family, or just any other person to Airbnb can earn you together with the people you invite an amazing travel credit. It’s a very straightforward thing. Anyone visiting the invitation page and sends the link to a friend earns credit. Immediately the recipient clicks the link; he also receives credit that automatically apply towards his first reservation with Airbnb. Immediately the recipient completes his first qualifying reservation; he earns travel credit.

Credit referrals are for future reservations

When you or the person you refer to the site earns credit referrals, the credit earned can’t be used immediately. In fact, you must wait for your reference to remit the first payment to enable your credit referral to be activated. Likewise, the person you refer cannot enjoy the credit referrals earned unless she books a second trip.

Double point earnings

Every person you refer to the site gets an opportunity for double point earning opportunities. The first points are earned when the person you refer completes a qualifying reservation as a guest. The second opportunity to earn points os when the same person completes a qualifying reservation as a host. It’s possible to earn up to USD 5,000 in travel credit.

Qualifying reservation

Not any amount qualifies for a reservation. A qualifying reservation has a minimum total value of USD 75 USD. This is strictly excluding taxes, and guest fees. However, these amounts vary during promotional periods.3rt45y67yutyrt

AirBnB referral credit expiry

Travel credits strictly don’t apply to trips that have already been paid for. However, the same will be available and can be applied to the next qualifying reservation. Unfortunately, unknown to many people is the fact that most referral credits do expire. Credit referrals are only valid for a year. They expiry date os exactly one year from the date of issue and can only be used once in the year. Additionally, referral credit isn’t reusable once the reservation where the credits were applied have been canceled. Thus, to enjoy your referral credits, ensure that you use them within a year and also don’t cancel a reservation once booking is done.