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Monte Enebro

Monte Enebro's superb creamy texture and acidic pungent flavors are intensified with fiery spices then finely balanced with the sweet tanginess of raspberry encapsulated in a creamy white chocolate truffle. A provocative and delectable taste for any cheese lover.


Flavour: Monte Enebro (Spanish Goat's cheese), raspberry, red and green peppers, chili and tabasco marmalade.

Design: White with red décor.

Aroma: Goat's cheese, chili, chocolate and vanilla.

Taste: Goat's cheese with a hint of chili, chocolate with salt.

After taste: Nutty and hint of mushroom with chili heat.

Recommended beverage: A dry Madeira i.e. Sercial, a demi sec sherry or a Sauternes. Alternatively an oaky, robust red wine from the region Priorat in Spain.

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