How to wear one shoulder tops


One shoulder tops are a common fashion for women. The best thing about this fashion trend is the fact that it is suitable for women of all sizes and shapes. Whether you are plus size or slender, you can easily wear a one shoulder top in a flattering way. The main aim of a one shoulder top is to show one shoulder while concealing one. You can shop at stylewe for the best designs. This brings a very flattering look at the end of the day, and this is a very good casual look for the weekend or while going for a brunch.

Ways of wearing one shoulder tops

Skinny jeans and heelssdfsdfsdfsdf

This is one of the most classic looks and ways of wearing skinny jeans. You can wear your one shoulder top with your favorite skinny jeans and heels. This is a great casual look which tells everyone you are a classic girl, but you are also not afraid to try new trends. The best thing about this look is that you can wear it while going out with the girls or on a casual date. You can interchange the heels with sandals or ballerina flat shoes for a more relaxed and comfortable look.

A-line skirt

If you are looking for a more feminine look, you can decide to opt to pair your one shoulder top with an A-line skirt. You can choose a flowered skirt or a plain skirt. This will depend on the color of your top. If you top is plain, then a flowered skirt is fine and vice versa. You can make the look a little formal by wearing a blazer or a little coat with your outfit.

Shorts and saasdsadasdsadndals

This might surprise you, but it is possible to turn your one shoulder top into a beach outfit. If you want an interesting way of wearing your shorts when going to the beach, then you can consider wearing them with one shoulder tops. If you have a high waist short, you can tack on your one shoulder top.

Denim skirt

It is also possible to wear your one shoulder top with a denim skirt or with your jeans skirt. This will create an interesting casual outfit for the weekend that will make you stand out from the rest. The best thing with one shoulder tops is the fact that you can wear them with anything without any worries.

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