A brief review of the best electric percolators



Coffee percolators are still popular today, long after automatic coffee machines came into being. A coffee percolator looks like a small pot. It brews coffee through the process of percolation. This is a process where coffee is filtered by keeping water flowing over the grounds until they lose their flavors. There are pressure percolators and gravity percolators. There are also stove-top percolators and electric percolators.

Electric percolators have an inbuilt electric heating element that is used to provide heat during the percolation process. These percolators keep coffee at a temperature that is good for drinking when percolation ends. Here, I will briefly review three of the most popular electric coffee percolators- Farberware percolators, Presto percolators, and West Bend percolators.

Farberware Classic Yosemite

22cm b,mvnbm,n.Farberware Classic percolator is made of stainless steel. Its design may not be trendiest, but its functioning is one that you will like. Its interior walls are non-corrosive while the exterior wall is sturdy and shiny. Its handle is very strong. It has a plastic knob that indicates when percolation begins. It also has a permanent filter basket, and it is dishwasher safe. It makes 8 cups of coffee easily and effectively, spreading the sweet aroma of coffee everywhere during the percolation process.

There are other Farberware percolator models in the market that are great for the discerning coffee brewer. For instance, the Farberware 4-Cup percolator is a smaller version of the Farberware 8-cup percolator. There is also the Farberware 12-cup Percolator which is the largest of the three. The features of these brewers are very similar, what differentiates them is their capacities. They all have detachable power cords great handles and automatic keep warm modes.

Presto 12-Cup coffee maker

Just like the Farberware models, this percolator is made of stainless steel. It is a small and simple percolator that makes flavorful coffee in a few minutes. With this brewer, it is easy to know when the coffee is ready by looking at the light indicator. It also has a filter basket and a detachable power cord. It has the keep war mode like the Farberware models.

The speed of percolation is one of the areas where this percolator beats others in the market, brewing a cup of coffee in approximately one minute. Another area where this percolator is superior is the presence of perk tube and an easy-pour spout. However, most users have complained that its power cord is short and it does not look as strong as other models. There is the Presto 6-Cup percolator which is smaller than this one but with almost identical features.

West Bend 12-Cup percolator

33bvmdhhkjhlThis is another stainless steel percolator that has gained popularity in the recent periods. It is automatic, with an indicator light to show that brewing is complete. It has the keep warm mode like the rest of the percolators here. It is easy to make 12 cups of coffee with this percolator.

Overall, the best electric percolator for your needs is one that is both effective in coffee brewing and costs less for what it does. All the three models of electric percolators discussed above have their advantages and disadvantages. The best one for you will depend on your preferred capacity, brand loyalty, and cost.